The Heartland Agency &
The EvenStart for Children Foundation


A New Year's Resolution:
Assist Us in helping these
Families and their Children
Your Donations can be earmarked to address
tangible Family & Children's Needs
including a Bus Pass or Grocery Card!

Can you contribute to a Grocery Card? 
(Denominations: $25, $50, $100, $200)

For many families, we help them with grocery expenses during the hardet seasons of cold or unemployment.

A cash donation can be small or large -- it all helps!

To buy a grocery card or contribute money towards a grocery card, please select that option on our donation form.

Tax Receipts are issued for cash donations to the grocery card program.


Can you contribute to a Bus Pass?
(Monthly Passes or Day Fare Tickets)

Many of of our single parent families are the sole breadwinner. The cost of a monthly bus pass or book of tickets is often a luxury. To get to their jobs, or to seek employment, they need our help in supporting their public transportation needs, especially during the cold winter months.

As an agency acting on their behalf, we can purchase special passes for low-income parents to assist them.

Using our online
donation form you can earmark your donation to this area of need and we will send you a tax receipt for your contribution.

Please contact us to find out more as to how you can continue your support of our children and their families in need, during this Winter.