Description of The EvenStart Transportation Project
Nature of the Project:





Every day EvenStart sends out into the city, a fleet of school buses and vans to pick up children enroled in their educational programs. These vehicles are expensive to purchase, license, maintain, and repair.

Your help, through a donation earmarked to Transportation, can help.

Our organization requires a replacement vehicle for one of its school buses. (approx. $50K purchase price).

Description of Transportation Needs
The children served by Even Start come from homes challenged by poverty, neglect, abuse, or domestic violence. There may exist drug or alcohol abuse and children can be born addicted. Most of our children have experienced some form of childhood trauma. They experience developmental lags up to 70-90% behind their peers.

Our programs serving these children and their families, are located close to their communities. We operate out of three sites in Calgary (SW, Central, NE). Yet in all, we serve close to 200 children, for whom we provide a centre-based educational and treatment program. Most, if not all of these children, require the additional services of transportation and daily meals provision. If not for our daily pick up and home delivery of each and every child, we would not have the attendance success of over 99%.

It is this kind of constancy and consistency, structure and routine that makes our programs successful for so many children, otherwise lacking such attendance in their lives. Many of their homes are dysfunctional to the point where children would not be dressed and ready, let alone transported to our doors, unless we provided that service free of charge.

We purchase, fuel, and maintain several school buses that ferry these children across the city for morning and afternoon classes. While travelling the bus, the children’s programs are coordinated by a designated rider along with a driver, and include reading, singing and story telling sessions. We provide a full service program for these youngster as a mainstay of stability and predictability in their lives. As such we must maintain our bus inventory in serviceable order.

At the present time, we have a diesel bus that no longer functions with reliability and it must be replaced. You can help by donating to our cause and earmarking your gift to transportation.

Yours and others contributions can go towards a school bus purchase and ensure these children maintain consistent, safe and secure attendance in our worthwhile programs!

To help support this project goal, please speak with EvenStart's Fund Development contact!