Every penny you put into the savings jar grows and grows to allow us to purchase the toys and tools that keep this Educational Centre a fulfilling and rewarding experience for the kids registered in our programs and services.


This carpet helps Kids hop on a heart, walk on a wagon, sit on a sun & more... and master the alphabet letter by letter! with a roomy square for every letter each with an upper- & lowercase letter, plus bright, easy-to-recognize pictures. Kids can explore the alphabet from beginning to end, practice letter recognition & letter-sound association or just sit on their favourite letters! Includes extensive guide packed with activities.

Item 1


9 ft. x 12 ft. nylon carpet

Soft, appealing carpet that introduces and reinforces primary reading skills. Picture-coded sight-words border the rug; plus it has safety signals, the alphabet, numbers, even two giant rulers! Made from durable, soil-resistant nylon with extra-secure binding; With activity guide for extra enrichment.

Item 2


9 ft. x 12 ft. nylon carpet

A child-scaled bin is large enough to hold an abundance of books, but low enough for kids to find books on their own!. 19-1/2" x 21" x 22-1/2"; with locking casters. Assembled.

Item 3

Super-silly rhymes, hilarious illustrations & unforgettable characters from Dr. Seuss’s all-time favourite with kids! The 10-book set has classic titles like The Cat in the Hat and Hop on Pop...these are all packed with wonderful, rhythmic language that have kids reading and giggling for many instructional hours. 10 hardcover books.

Item 4

300 pencils include 25 each of the 12 colours shown. Nontoxic, 7" pencils are pre-sharpened in a compartmentalized box with lid.

Item 5

Giant set of large-size crayons. Sturdy, compartmentalized box contains all of the colour: 50 each of 12 different colours, for a total of 600 crayons.

Item 6

Item 7
Each set includes 30 two-piece puzzles in a storage box; puzzles are 3" x 6".

Where are the clock hands at 7:45? When kids put together these self-checking math puzzles, they find the answers-and get hands-on practice with tough concepts. Each of our colour-coded puzzle sets focuses on a different math activity-time, fractions or problem solving. Kids simply match up the puzzle pieces to see questions and answers displayed side by side!

Rugged parachute encourages noncompetitive, cooperative play. As kids make the parachutes billow, they strengthen shoulder, arm and hand muscles, refine motor skills and develop a sense of rhythm. Tough, lightweight nylon parachutes each feature reinforced handholds and come in a handy drawstring bag.

 Item 8 $35.00

Block play community introduces figures with differing abilities! Dolls represent a variety of ages, ethnicities & genders with super-realistic details and adaptive equipment-from leg braces to a hearing aid. Tallest is 51/2".





Item 9

Item 10
$167.00/complete set

Complete set of all 5 families shown, for a total of 40 high-quality vinyl figures. Multi-ethnic people are perfect for populating play cities and towns...and they are durable! Sturdy figures feature up-to-date styling and lots of authentic details... they're specially molded to actually stand-for added realism and frustration-free play!




Easy-building blocks in safe, soft foam! They're made of rugged, dense foam with precise edges for easy stacking. Lightweight, quiet and soft these blocks ensure years of safe building sessions. Each soft block is precisely related in size to the basic unit block (1 3/8" x 2 3/4" x 5 1/2"), so even the youngest children build and design with ease.

Item 11 $155/Starter set
Item 12 $300/BuilderSet
Item 13
$500.00/universal set

Manipulative library with small, finely detailed math counters for higher-level activities! The colourful counters are perfect for sorting by multiple attributes, estimating, graphing and more. Complete library consists of all 6 sets of counters, plus 6 guides. Each set comes in a 5"-tall plastic jar.

Item 14 $30/ set (6 sets)

 Item 15 $9/board Item 16 $90/ set of words

12" story board comes with 190 magnetic words and punctuation marks that stick to it with ease, so kids can create entire stories again and again.

1"-high words are colour-coded by parts of speech.

Versatile medium for arts & crafts projects.
The giant 20" x 30" sheets come in lots of super-vivid colours.

Item 17 $10/ set of 100 sheets

Construction paper,
each 9" x 12"

Item 18

$1.50/ 50 sheets - 1color
Skill-building puzzles packed with fun pictures for kids to count, from 1 dog to 10 buttons, for a super-involving, hands-on way to build number skills! Each self-checking puzzle is printed with a different number from 1 to 10...and has 5 raised pieces with cute for children to count. Kids just match the number of objects to the number on the board... 10 wooden puzzles; 6" x 9".

Item 19



Item 20 $18/puppet
Item 21 $140/set

Let's Talk! Kid Puppets Set -- Super-soft super-easy for kids to handle,. All 8 of multi-ethnic puppets feature real-working mouths to encourage self-expression and build language skills. Plus, the puppets feature permanently stitched accessories like hats, hair ribbons & buttons! A complete set of 8 machine-washable puppets. Made of polyester; each puppet measures 11 1/2".

Theater doubles as a store-for fun & play value! It has movable curtains that children can easily open & close, plus a stage that kids can also use as a counter for groceries. There are chalkboard surfaces at the top and bottom, so kids can write the name of their theater or store, post show times or daily specials, and more!
Made of sturdy hardwood; 12" x 313/4" x 34" high. Assembly required. Puppets not incl.

Item 22 $120/set

Item 23 $780

Item 24  $60/set

All-In-One Kitchen is a hutch, sink, stove, oven, microwave and refrigerator -- Has plexiglas windows in the micro-wave and oven, four safe burners on the stove, and knobs that really turn on the sink, stove and oven. The doors fold flat for safety, and are fitted with magnetic latches so they close securely. Constructed of hardwood;

Play dishes and foods Huge, classroom-quality set includes 12 complete place settings, plus a molded plastic rack that lets kids wash and dry their dishes... 60-piece dish set & 11-1/4" x 15" rack come stored in a vinyl tote. All dishwasher-safe.


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