Community Families: 'Living their Gifts'
Families in comfortable communties can live their generosity in small daily or monthly moments of charity.
Read about how your can turn a family project into powerful charity.
Families can incorporate small measures into larger family routines.
Families can Save, Store, and then Send clothing to EvenStart's children.
This is an affordable way to make a difference by putting aside what you already have enough of
and what you no longer need! If you can donate items, then please
read our Monthly Wish List (above) for details on our children's actual needs this month!

Educational Supplies, Learning Tools, & Play Therapy Items
Every penny we put into our savings jar grows and grows to allow us to purchase toys and tools that keep this Educational Centre a fulfilling and rewarding experience for the kids registered in our programs and services. Donations of any size are welcome! This is a list of some items we are saving for…
Computers Upgrading Project
We are currently in negotiation for the replacement of computers in our Downtown, Signal Hill and Monterey sites. Corporations have been approached to donate computers from surplused inventories. Once donated, they must undergo migration to a common operating platform and networking arrangement to economically and effectively sustain system updates and maintenance. As well, specialized educational software must be acquired to make these tools fully effective in our efforts to provide equalizing educational opportunites for our enroled children.

Musical Instruments Project
This project entails instrument acquisition, the building of storage compartments on-site to house these instruments, and initial instruction in the instrument use and establishing storgae & maintenance routines.
Read Page 30 in our Program Guide.

Downtown SITE PlayGround Project
The current playground at the Dowtown site location is inadequate to the needs of our current enrolments. Before security and safety concerns become an issue, we have determined that upgrades or replacement of equipment is in order.
Through the help of the surrounding community, our programs’ parents and the children themselves, we are embarking on a funds raising campaign to bring our playground site into a fully functional and effective play time and therapy medium.
Read Page 34 in our Program Guide.
Every day EvenStart sends out into the city, a fleet of school buses and vans to pick up children enroled in their educational programs. These vehicles are expensive to purchase, license, maintain, and repair. Your help through a donation earmarked to Transportation, can help. Contact our Fund Development Officer (below) for suggestions on ways to contribute.
Read Page 39 in our Program Guide.

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