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The Prosser Charitable Foundation was formed in 2002 by Eric and Kathy Prosser, with a focus on protecting the welfare of and advancing the education of "at risk" children in Alberta. EvenStart has been the grateful recipient of several Prosser Foundation grants over the years. The Prossers have been our staunchest supporters, ensuring the program graduation of at least 5 children (from program years one through three). Not only have their contributions allowed for sustainability in our general programs and services delivery, the Prosser Foundation has supported our Holiday Hamper Campaign shortfalls, and has ensured we have met our quota of supplying personal/household items, and grocery cards, to children and their families in need at Christmas time - Thank You Eric & Kathy Prosser!

Marathon recognizes that operating in communities and countries is a privilege. They manage their business in a way that promotes social, environmental and economic benefits for stakeholders. They believe that their efforts to build a competitive workforce, enhance health and wellbeing, and protect the environment benefit both Marathon and the communities in which they operate. Their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy keeps them focused on key concepts that help align social responsibility efforts with business goals, needs and operations. EvenStart is the proud recipient of a major Marathon Oil donation in 2012. Thank you to the employees and management of Marathon Oil Canada!

Group of Companies
Centron has built a solid reputation as a caring, community-minded organization and example of servant leadership" in industry. Their consistent philosophy is "it is an honour to help”. It is EvenStart's experience that Centron's approach originates from a belief in the responsibility to support the community without an anticipated or strategic interest in business return. The result is quiet but impactful support from a business to the non-profit sector and, more importantly, to those whom the sector seeks to serve." The Harris Family/Centron has suported the enrollment costs of two children per year, for the last five years.
Thank You Centron/ The Harris Family!

Cenovus Energy- its employess and the matching program of the company - have been a major supporter of our children and the programs serving them. - Thank You Cenovus Energy!

The United Way distributes funds received from Calgary Donors, across many non-profit agencies and charities in Calgary. The EvenStart Foundation receives such a grant on an annual, contractual basis. Those funds are used to support grassroots activities directly related to both child and family support. The program grant contributes to support a minimum of fifteen visits per year by our Professional Staff (Psychologists, Social Workers, Special Needs Teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, OT Practitioners, etc). EvenStart is thus able to assist with Parenting, Child Assessment, and Referrals to other Calgary social sector resources. EvenStart's Home Visitation Program is substantially assisted by Calgary Donors via a United Way grant - Thank You Calgary!


TD recognizes that success as a financial institution and a community partner is directly related to the health of its communities. That's why they donate millions of dollars and encourage their employees to volunteer for causes that matter to customers, employees and stakeholders. Thank you to the TD Community Investment Team (and Ellen Dungen and Susan Lauret) for their support of EvenStart's initative related to childhood literacy!
The Safe Haven Foundation has been instrumental in support of the EvenStart for Children programs that provide educational and therapeutic interventions for our children 'at risk'. Funding received from Safe Haven Foundation, within a three-year grant, provides sustainability for specialized therapy programs directly responsible for renewed child health and developmental progress. Thank You Safe Haven Foundation!

Family Funds of the Calgary Foundation
The Calgary Foundation supports charities in all parts of the nonprofit sector: Arts & Heritage, Community Development, Education, Environment, Health, Human Services and Recreation. EvenStart has been the recipient of numerous Family Funding Grants from within the Foundation, such as the Poelzer, Cole Eva, and Moffat Family Funds. Thank you to the Foundation for supporting EvenStart as one of its recipient charities!

Husky Group of Companies
Husky is committed to responsible corporate citizenship. This includes the integration of social, environmental and economic considerations into its core businesses while engaging key stakeholders and conducting business in a manner that maximizes positive impacts on current and future generations. We thank Husky Groupfo Cpmanies for their Gas rebate program. EvenStart supports a fleet of school buses that make their way through the city each day to pick up and drop off children from impoverished backgrounds. The Gas Rebate Program make a world of difference to our operatings costs for thos evehciles. Thank You Husky!
From filling food banks to bringing families together, Shaw's aim is to help communities grow and flourish by using the power of its network. Shaw is actively involved with projects that cover all levels of education, ranging from pre-school to college and university. Since 1999, Shaw has supported Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT), a professional development tool for Alberta educators from kindergarten to post-secondary. Shaw provides financial support and hosts TLT's website. JR Shaw, founder of Shaw Communications, served as chair of NAIT's Board of Governors from 1990 to 1997. His legacy serves as a reminder to corporate social responsibility, ethics and entrepreneurship. EvenStart thanks Shaw for their continuous support and return to community!

The Calgary Herald has previously supported EvenStart did so again in 2012. The Herald's Christmas Fund benefits families, children and youth, locally. The goal of the campaign is to raise the profile of some of the city's social agencies and provide an opportunity for Calgarians to respond to these needs. Agencies continue to be selected based on these original criteria. TThe millions that hav ebeen raised are due to the wonderful generosity and caring spirit of Calgarians.
All of the administration costs associated with the Christmas Fund are absorbed by the Calgary Herald. One hundred percent of all funds donated go to the recipient agencies.

EvenStart appreciates the Children's Hospital Aid Society of Calgar, and their overwhelming generosity towards our programs and its children with sever developmental delays. Many thanks to the organization members for aligning with our rmandate and supporting our services for children and families in poverty and 'at risk'.

Thank you to Nexen and its employees, who, through their matching gifts program, have generously donated to EvenStart's annual hamper program for children and families in need during the holiday season!

Social Venture Partners Calgary is a partnership between generous individuals and not-for-profits in a new model of giving. SVP combines the time, expertise, financial and physical resources of its partner for the benefit of resource-constrained not-for-profits. EvenStart for Children Charity receives not only the commitment of Grant monies but the assist of much-needed resources and professional advice that leads to more successful outcomes. Thank You SVP Partners!

The Toskan Casale Foundation is committed to supporting and strengthening community-based grassroots organizations that, through their social programs, reach out to at-risk people and provide them with immediate relief and long-term stability. Building upon a tradition of innovative thinking, the Toskan Casale Foundation was launched in 2001. The Toskan Casale Foundation currentlydoes not accepting grant proposals and the EvenStart program recieved funding through the students of Colonel MacLeod who were successful in their bid for a Youth and Philanthropy grant on behalf of EvenStart. Thank You to both the Foundation and Calgary's Colonel McLeod High School!

Located in the Beltline district of downtown Calgary, UTHRIVE is a unique multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to helping people achieve wellness objectives. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, including some of the most sought after techniques in the industry, their collaborative team environment allows them to provide care where it's needed, when it's needed - it is a stop shop for reaching your full health and wellness. Ijn that vein, and as a full circl eapproach to community wellbeing, uthrive supports the EvenStart for Children Foundation in numerous ways - proceeds from events, and donations towards psecific programs. Thank you to the uthrive team including George Fink (Philanthropist) and Uyen Nguyen BA, BScPT, CPMA, AFCI Practitioner.

EvenStart has been the recipient of three Guinnes and Green charity events held by the firm of Odgers & Berndtson in Calgary. Thanks to partners Tim Hamilton, Janet Soles, Kevin Hall, and Kevin Gregor for their generous support from paste-years event proceeds, as well as their alignment with our cause! Thank You!


McKesson Canada Foundation has provided EvenStart with multiple years of Grant support to enhance its transportation, computer, and therapy programs.The McKesson Canadan Foundation's philanthropy has helped us through the sustainable nature of their giving to EvenStart. Thank You McKesson Canada!






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