for ‘Soliciting Donations’ on Behalf of
The EvenStart For Children Foundation (‘EvenStart’)



We greatly appreciate the many independent supporters who help raise interest among prospective Donors, for the EvenStart for Children Foundation Charity.

Our Charity is a fully registered, ie., in ‘good standing’ Charity authorized by the Revenue Canada Agency (Registration # 85085 8382 RR0001)

All Canadian Charities are obligated to comply with rules governing the "acceptance and use of donations to a Charity", as directed by the Revenue Canada Agency.

Third Party Fundraisers are bound by the same rules governing accountability and transparency when fundraising for ‘EvenStart’, as outlined in the following polices and recommended practice.

We thank you for your interest in ‘EvenStart’.

Your hard work for our charity makes a large difference by "spreading the word" and creating a greater awareness of the "needs of others", in our community.

The EvenStart for Children Foundation
of Calgary




Ilona Boyce, MSW
Executive Director (Volunteer)
EvenStart for Children Foundation


Polices and Recommended Practice for Third-Party Fundraisers

Eligible Donors may receive a Tax Receipt issued by our Charity, based on the following conditions:

Tax Receipts can ONLY be issued by our Charity to the ‘true’ donor’.
Only an individual or company that has made a voluntary donation may receive a tax receipt for the recorded donation.


A Tax Receipt is non transferable.
i.e., Third parties cannot receive tax receipts by proxy, in lieu of the ‘true’ donor.


Eligible Donations are Tax Receiptable by our Charity,
based on the following conditions:






It is the sole responsibility of the EvenStart for Children Foundation Charity to,

  • manage receipt of financial contributions,
  • to determine donation eligibility,
  • to process Donor and donation records,
  • to initiate Donor acknowledgment, and
  • to process appropriate Donor tax receipting, all in a timely and accountable manner
It is the preference of ‘EvenStart’ that Third-Party Fundraisers Do NOT perform cash donation collections.


Third-Party Fundraisiers are encouraged to forward to the Charity directly, either Donor contributions or information regarding their pledges.
Only 'EvenStart' is authorized to collect Donor information and maintain it with confidentiality
in accordance with F.O.I.P. regulations.

Donors should be referred to any of the following methods of contact with the Charity, when making a financial contribution:

By Mail to the Charity’s Head Office :
P.O. Box 73153, Woodbine RPO
Calgary, AB, T2E 6E4

By Online Donation:

By Phone/Fax: 403.541-0277 / 541-0800

By Email:

In Person: Currie Barracks, Bldg B4, 2452 Battleford AveW, Calgary
(between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30 Tuesdays through Thursdays)

Third Party Donor Rules
In the event that Donors choose to forward donations to the Charity
via a Third Party,
then the following rules apply


Cash-based charitable donation(s) that have been earmarked for "EvenStart", but that are received by a Third-Party Fundraiser, on behalf of the Charity,
may NOT be deposited by that Third Party into a

  • separate bank account,
  • nor retained unduly by that third party,
  • nor left unaccounted for, by that third party.

All donations made to ‘EvenStart’ by donors, via a Third Party Fundraiser, are considered 'in-transit’ and must be rendered to the Charity immediately, upon the Third Party receiving the donation from the Donor.


It is incumbent upon the Third Party Fundraiser that at all times, the Charity be made of aware of all Donor activity that results in a financial contribution via the Fundraiser.

A Third-Party Donation Transfer Form must be completed and faxed
to 'EvenStart' at time of donation.
It must be dropped off along with the donation,
to the 'EvenStart' Head Office without UNDUE delay folowing the donation receipt.

download -->


Click Here to download a Sample THIRD-PARTY DONATION TRANSFER & LOG FORM (.xls file form)


Tax receipts can apply to donations received from a ‘true’ Donor, in the form of cheque, money order, or credit card, upon the face of which the Donor identification is memo’d.
Donations collected by a Third Party on behalf of ‘EvenStart’, in the form of Cheque, Credit Card, or Money Order, must be clearly made out directly to: "The EvenStart for Children Foundation", and rendered directly to the Charity in a timely manner upon receipt by the Third Party Fundraiser.
Donations made by Cash must be rendered directly to the Charity in a timely manner upon receipt by the Third Party Fundraiser.

Tax receipts will be issued only if the following information accompanies the eligible donation: Donor Full Name, all pertinent contact information, and the Donation or Appraised amount (distinct from GST/PST).

It is the Third Party Fundraiser’s responsibility to collect this donor information and relay it to the Charity at the same time as the donation drop-off.
Tax receipts can only be issued directly to the ‘true’ Donor and not to an intermediary.
Donated ‘Services’ do not qualify for a tax receipt.
Donated gifts (goods) cannot be tax receipted unless a retail/wholesale receipt accompanies the item, or if the item is appraised by an authorized appraisal agent, and if ALL of the
following conditions concurrently apply:
  • The amount of the Tax Receipt can only be issued based upon the net portion of the object sales receipt, and not on the portion pertaining to GST/PST, surcharges, etc.
  • The assessed value or gross amount of the gift item (determined by the original sales receipt) purchased by the third-party on behalf of donor, must equal the exact amount donated.
  • During a fundraising campaign, any overages in gross donor contributions vs. the gross total of sales receipts (for gift-items purchased), must be reconciled without delay, upon the conclusion of the ‘gifting’ campaign, as follows:
  • The excess monies of all funds raised and received by the Third Party from Donors (as they have understood their donations to be earmarked for ‘EvenStart’), must be zero balanced by

- Returning the excess to the individual donors based upon their contribution,


or - Remitting the total amount in balance, to the Charity.

No monies may be kept by a Third Party Fundraiser that have been solicited from Donor(s) given their understanding that the contributions are being managed by, and benefit the Charity directly.
To ensure a proper paper trail and record keeping for Revenue Canada and Audit purposes:
  • All documentation must be forwarded to and made available to the Charity by the Third Party Fundraiser, of the disbursement of monies collected under the Charity’s name for the purchase of items or goods donated.
  • The Third Part Fundraiser must keep an exact log of contributors, their type of contribution (cash, cheque, etc), and the Donor's complete contact information.
  • Third Part Fundraisers must pass this record over to the Charity upon the completion of each Phase of a Fundraising Campaign or upon request at any time.

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Click Here to download the THIRD-PARTY DONATION FORM (.doc file form)


Donated gifts can only be approved by the Charity for a tax receipt, if the item has been specified and solicited by the Charity.
i.e., A good or item donated to the Charity as a ‘gift’ is be deemed to be voluntary in nature and thus non-receiptable, i.e., if the Charity has not directed and approved the expenditures of the funds collected on their behalf by the Third Party Fundraiser.

All Fundraising conducted on behalf of the Charity by Third Parties must adhere to the Revenue Canada rules and regulations governing donations and donor eligibility. (Ref. Revenue Canada website:

    Unauthorized Fundraising activity conducted in the name of the Charity, or any variant form of name of the Charity, is prohibited.
    It is understood that all Third Party Fundraising activities are limited to the solicitation of prospective donors, and not the handling or accounting of donor funds. Funds collection is the sole responsibility of the Charity’s Executive and not that of a Third Party unless so authorized in a written contract of agreement.
    All Fundraisers are required to direct Donors to make their contributions directly to the Charity head Office as noted.

The EvenStart for Children Foundation Board of Directors and Executive Staff must be notified of all fundraising activities planned and undertaken on the Charity’s behalf by a Third Party.

    A representative of the Charity is required to be present during Third-Party Fundraising activities including public Presentations, in order to:
  • Provide the Charity’s direct contact personnel information to prospective Donors;
  • Answer questions about the Charity’s own work, regulations, and operations;
  • Assure Donors of the Charity’s accountability for donor funds;
  • Ensure that the Presentation content is accurate and appropriate given the Charity's regulated mandate and Charter;
  • Specify that Charity donations be directed to the areas of funding need established by and directed by the Charity. This information will be made clear to prospective donor(s) by the Charity representative to eliminate misunderstanding regarding the target use and accountability for Donor contributions;
  • Distribute the Charity’s literature and promotional materials;
  • Ensure the Donor’s Bill of Rights is honored during the entire fundraising and fund collection processes.





In general, a Third Party Fundraiser, unless authorized by the governing Board of Directors, is not approved to make public written or verbal statements, on the behalf of the Charity as an associate or representative of the Charity (e.g., in newspapers, magazines, online, email, or other communication domains).

Fundraising activities, donor directed messages, promotional content, and Fundraising goals are the strict dominion of the Charity and its Board of Directors.
For all questions, or clarification please contact:

EvenStart for Children Foundation
P.O. Box 73153, Woodbine, RPO, Calgary, AB T2W 6E4
Tel: 403.541-0277 / Fax: 403.541-0800
www.e /
Attn: EvenStart Director - 403.815-9719