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To provide 'at risk' children, who are economically disadvantaged, the educational, therapeutic, nutritional, and nurturing supports necessary to gain an ‘even start’ in their lives. Educational and therapeutic programming is supplied by a team of special needs educators and professional therapists, on a case managed basis.

Our Children are ages 3-5years from ‘high risk’ homes challenged by poverty and often attendant neglect, abuse, trauma, or domestic violence. Most children have experienced some form of childhood trauma. Children who have experienced childhood trauma and the effects of poverty, neglect, abuse, and/or domestic violence experience a 70-90% developmental lag compared to their peers.Three quarters of these children have no accompanying medical condition.

Poverty is the common denominator among all children enrolled in the program. Cyclical generational poverty, malnutrition, and neglect provide a consistent backdrop to the EvenStart child’s early childhood environment. Research in the area of Neurobiology (the study of how the nervous system works) describes a 'window of opportunity' for the development of intellectual and emotional capacities in children from birth to 5 years of age. In the Early Childhood field, we have known this for years. Now, science has caught up. We are learning more and more about how a child's brain is 'wired' and how we as a community, can support our children to grow into healthy and successful adults. .At EvenStart, we believe that our work with children builds our community's future.


  The primary goal of the EvenStart program is to intervene in the lives of these disadvantaged children and families in order to build resiliency and improve the child's chances of succeeding in life. The time could not be better. In our PreSchool Program, we work with the children to change their social and behavioral patterns by assisting with the development of resiliency strategies, with the closing of developmental lags, and by teaching skills that will enhance their success in school and community. In this way, our program offers both a preventative and early intervention approach to this population of high-risk children.
Our programs serving these children and their families are located close to their communities.We operate out of three sites in Calgary (SW, Central, and NE). We annually serve approximately 200 children. We provide them a centre-based educational and therapy treatment program, with additional services of transportation and meals provision. We also support our families through the assignment of donated clothing to those in need. Most children come to us hungry and many require a charitable supply of food, clothing, toys, etc., which we provide in the way of hampers and other ad hoc family assists. All children are provided the same opportunities regardless of background or family situation.
When children are fed, in good health, have access to education, live in homes that are safe where parents are assisted in developing skills that allow them to generate a livable income, and where children learn that they are valued then these children are free to realize their potential. Through a comprehensive 3-year educational and therapeutic intervention program we aspire,
- To reverse a child’s developmental delays (cognitive, behavioral, speech and language, physical) from an average of 70-90% to within 5% of childhood ‘norms’.

- To build a child’s resiliency and coping skills to better endure ‘at risk’ environments.

- To enable pre-school children to enter Grade One on an equal footing with more fortunate peers.

- To provide family parenting and resource supports.

- To reduce / eliminate the affects of cyclical poverty on a child’s promise and ptential for school and life success!

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